Monday, August 21, 2006


finally major project is over. all the praise to the Lord to bring me thru this tough period. man... my supervisor told tat there will 2 lecturer during our evaluation. however, it is not true. instead of 2 , 5 came! OMG! the course manager, the course coordinator, the professor, my supervisor and evaluator. all those "zhong liang ji" people were there. anyway, its over, shall not elaborate, makes me feel quite sick.

woke up early in the morning, getting ready for MP evaluation. i got shaky hands sia! lolx

back-track to last saturday, Dr A.R.Bernard was in town!

"He created us to have the freedom of choice to love. we are not free and love until we have the power to choose. if love is emotions, God cannot instruct us to things because we do it out of our feelings"

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