Tuesday, August 01, 2006

again i blog from school. its 645pm at my cold, terror dungeon of major project lab. i don't really wish to procrastinate over my school work.haix... i dont know what to do with my WSAD (WebServices Application Development)assignment, due in 3 days time, and i haven't even produce a single web method that is working. i realize alot of my friend complain about CMSK(ComMunication SKills)... nobody talks about WSAD, thus i'll be the first one.
i really very STRESS over my project( which is only the WSAD) i pray that God will impart the wisdom in order to do the project.
a good news to share .... my major project is almost "completed". my application is able to receive the sms and read sms!!! this thing i have never did b4 and yet i could able to do it within a semester.... Praise the Lord. trying to be positive and being motivated. i can't wait for this weekend, the celebration of my church 17th anniversary and festival of praise~
yawn... abit hungry but tired.

i need Your touch , that could revive me for lifetime.

shall go back to my project.

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