Sunday, August 06, 2006

finally my WSAD project and CMSK presentation is over. however , i was down with flu , fever and headache... i felt much better now , but stil few a little not good as i kinda hav giddy spell., yeah ytd was my darling Jasmine leow birthday , so sad i cant make it for her beach outing but we hav a meal after all :] right after , i went to FOP(festival of praise) for a great time of worship. cant wait for tmr man, it is our church 17th anniversary! thank God for his divine empowerment over pastor kong and the leaders in city harvest church! No God , No CHC. after svc , my plan is to fellowship with my cg and then go for STRIKEFORCE trainin, yeah! i always look forward for strikeforce traning even i went there just to teach drumming( helping bro luke to teach alpha sequence together.) i still enjoy the things i do in tis ministry despite my ka-kis are in NDP. seriously i do want to take part BUT BUT... when i was about to say yes, i dont really feel good in my spirit man, " kai li , there is something else I want you to do." thus says the STILL small voice." then i heed the word , and do ask i being told. my calling is to be a cell group leader. went thru alot of things over the years... being moulded in different areas... its a long story to share, and i have shared to my close ones and they are blessed. i do want to join the fun with my kakis in NDP however Dr A.R.Bernard once said this:

Purpose has pain with it. Sometimes the pain associated with purpose, is when you have to make sacrifices of your time, of your money, of your energy. When you have to say no when everybody else is having fun, and you have to say no, because you are focused on your purpose.- A. R. Bernard
God is always faithful.i told God that : i want to see my group to grow at least one every month, indeed God integrated one in June and add another one last month.i believe this month we gonna add another one again :]
an interesting conversation over the SMS:
: Hey tmr i'm returning u ur anointed shirts.they have been washED ironED n foldED nicely just for u! ;-D
: Lols... thanks. so sweet of u :] have a good rest k , we gonna have a great time tmr. :]
: of course! i guessed ur shirts miss u n vice versa ya?
and so on.... this above make me Laugh Out Loud(LOL).
wonder what shirt i toking about? it is my strikeforce shirts. both my ah black and ah white strikeforce shirt went for a mission trip with my strikeforce team. how they look like right here:

with courtesy from

got to resize it as blogger got problem to upload picture that its too big. nice right? our in-house designer did it! :]

*knock out*

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