Thursday, August 24, 2006


studying for my exams... see how hardworking i am... i study on the mahjong table cos my own table is too messy for me to study. lolx. i think i am a green freak... most of my stuff are green on the table. the mahjong table also green! ha. the green chewing gum is a correction tape for your information.

hair tied up! with the shawl around me. night falls and its cold though. like this image , look so artistic! my mum say i have cute ears and she keep playing with it. ('''-_-)...

My new accessories rack! cool right? 4 days ago , i discover this at watson, it was $9.90. then 2 days ago , i went back there and bought it at only $6.90! haha, thank God i didnt buy 4 days ago. this is only 60% of my accessories collection! the pictures you see now is my regulars. girls , it is worth buying if you want to put accesories neatly

my new recipe ! Macoroni in Wild mushroom soup! i recommend to put spagetthi than macoroni, it will take better! and tei-peng with it , it makes a complete dinner. hee.

if you have heard about siamese twins , banana twins, i presenting to you , mushroom twins! so cute sia. i know is bo liao to take a picture of a mushroom. i think stephenie would love it! :p

after reading the whole post, like what i told you , its a random post with random stuff. if you yawn after reading , no surprise.

and more random to come~

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