Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The parade of Chocolates : I LOVE IT

all this chocolates are freaking nice and cute! Hui qin email-ed this me! and it makes my day! i love chocolates for a big time! i think the wedding couple chocolates looks really cool and cute!*drooling* my exams in 3 days time and most probably u will see me holding a bar of Ritter Sports hazelnut milk chocolates.

i got this articles from an wulu website. so tat's why i eat chocolates in exam period. one reality , it will make you fat. so u guys know the reason for my size now. oops! i remember last time the most expensive chocolate i ever eat is Godiva . My ex-boss from EDB treat me which one chocolate cost a gold! (not so ex lah. haha!).

if there is no cyber hackers, i need not have to study for that subject this friday.

do keep me in prayers, this is my final exams for my final year in poly. and it might probably my '"last" exam of my lifetime.

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