Sunday, September 24, 2006

i realized i not been updating my blog for quite some time.
anyway , to update you guys, i now currently working at Bangkok Bank at Cecil road in Tanjong Pagar region. basically , i work as a clerical support , assisting 10 account manager , one deputy head and a head of my department. been working there since 4 of september.
how's my work? hmmm... alright lah, just that some times will be a bit stress because of my deputy head. further more, because its a banking environment, and i am a IT undergraduate student , i find it hard to understand their terms and some accounts stuff. Anyway, i do felt i am not up to the job , probably because of my low self-confidence.but i wont dwell in where i am , because i not up to the job , i will do my very best in doing the things i know. Even simple task like checking the figures , formula to be in right one , no typo error, i will do my best that i know how. thus i wont bring trouble to my senior. concurrently , i seek God for His help to gain confidence in work and especially ... my primary ministry.

some random stuff to brighten ur day:
have you ever heard of this phrase: " Like father like son" ?
let me show you some pictures to back up this phrase:

LOLX!!! look at their leg pose and their both arms!!cover with similar pattern of blankets. i wonder is the father really asleep?? so funny!! next:

look at the fat , white white de baby boy or girl? i dun noe!!! and this example runs in my family(common feature: the height... hai~) and last but not least:

ahem! parents, next time if you want to drink beer in front of your kids, you better think twice!

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