Friday, September 15, 2006

i got my results yesterday... my final and the last exams i had before graduation.
ask me how much did i get? how's my grade?
i pass all~ thats all.
but after all, i still wanna give Him all the praise and glory, never knew i can pass this semester.its really by the grace of God i can pull it thru. Thank You heavenly Father.

there always be some Sarcastic, Sceptical , inSensitive people out there to be cynical over ur studies. the most disgusting people are those who claim to be their own credits and ask others to do their project for them. they just simply the same as hypocrite.mind you , these type of people, their integrity level is a Grade F-!!
the S letter word, originated from a serpent..ssssss~
if you dont know how to encourage or comfort others, i suggest you just SHUT UP!
with frens like this , who needs enemy?

*taking deep breath*
at this very point, God will use His hammer name the Word of God to knock my adorable head.
OuCh~ that's painful , Lord!
My child, why are you so un-gracious?
nah~ Lord, You know , You told me hypocrites are one of the abomination You hate most, so do i!! they just an eye sore!
My girl , there you go again , slow speak , fast to hear , slow to wrath!Remember!?!!
But I have chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and I have chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty .
this things I spoken to you, you may not be the top student, but bear in mind with the promises in 1 corinthians 1:27.
Be of good cheer, for you have overcome the world.
i felt i just like a baby girl, curdle in the arms of the Lord. awww~~
i better stop being a baby , stop complain and complain.
Spirit of complain griefs the Holy Spirit.

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