Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Jaslyn Birthday Bash

on sunday 10 september , it is my beloved darling Jaslyn birthday.
for the next few pictures you see , believe it or not , it is at Tian Tian Huo Guo at Tan Quee Lan street. myself, ah ling , reid , neo ,darryl proceed to the restaurant first. we were being escort by a waiter to the lift up to second floor. And he said there will be a waiter serving you. when we reach 2nd floor, we met the same guy actually... an identical twin waiter?? lolx.

the lamp look so .... cool? like some big glowing gigantic furball

the two tables that we "chop". thanks to cherish who book for us. i took the whole morning to find the contact number but to no avail~ look at the purple walls and the furball lights, nice ambience.

Nic, Collin and URI~. i ate the same table as them, see the quantity of the food!!

Nic: weehee!! * WIDE SMILE*

Collin: Huh?Duh? taking the picture of me? must pay money you know.(the guy in pink)

Uri: excuse me , collin! stop posing , i wanna take the food!

Nick crap about something that i never forget:Kaili , heidi(bro boon daughter) first word that she speak is not "da da" or "ma ma" , is "ja ja". this is due to collin-asation. LOLX

Tanya looks... so sweet here, photogenic huh???

Tanya: *Pose* kai li, quickly take ! my neck tilt like tat very tired.(Checkered top)

Mille: *ggigle* oops! (Pink)

Neo: slurp slurp... oh this is steamboat in Singapore . Yummy!(the african)

Jaslyn: wah... shio(hot in hokkien)~!

Reid: gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp *drinking lemonade* (extreme right)

wonder who took this picture, what a snapshot. i look dumb!!

jaslyn 20th birthday and the cake.Reid was "suggesting " to walk walk awhile for the next round food, bring himself along with collin and millie but actually they bought the cake. before they get the cake , we were stuck what flavour should we get for her. i have "smart" idea and ask around what flavour of milk do they like? strawberry or chocolate? i did this just to find out what jaslyn prefer. haha

a family that strikes together , eat together, STAYS together. haha!!! i look so fat!

next stop , Swensen. Some of them went off for their own stuff, thus left me , julia , Uri , collin , Nic and Jas.

i'm the one who took this yet it look like someone else took the pictures for us~! i'm so pro.

Take one: aiya , my face kana cut but the girls looks pretty

take two: ah... better but i lool fatter and julia eyes looks smaller. strange

here it comes!!! the regular earthquake! the flavour are sticky chewy chocolates , coffee, mint , pstachio, mango... cant remember the names.

lets tuck in man!!!

great shot taken by a great photographer! (who else will it be??? lolx)

wa.... we finished it. its so nice!!!!

after finish the ice cream , what it left was the cherries which i dont really like , so we play game and whoever loses must eat the cherries!! look at Nic face! he machiam eating like some inedible stuff

i lose one round and i have to eat the cherries! i look like i gek sai. lolx

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