Thursday, September 14, 2006

casual post.

due to the IMF thingy at suntec, my bus 70 journey appear to be a much longer journey. i tot it would be less than hour ride but today i have a 2 hours ride , this is so lame.

do you think it is a norm that the finalist will always be male? one malay and one chinese!!
last year top 3 was Olinda , Sylvester and taufik. and the second final of the competition , olinda can go home that night. on the other hand, this year singapore idol is another thing happen the same , chinese gal jasmine is out and left with 2 guys, and once again , one malay and one chinese!('''-.-)...duh.... and Boooooo.... it seen like Singapore is displaying sexual discrimination. if you notice , any reality show always have the guys as the champion , from project superstar to superband, from campus superstar to super host!!! *wails~gals, it times for us to rise up!

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