Monday, September 04, 2006

To the strikeforce

this is dedicate to Brother Tan Boon and the rest of Strikeforce...

Tonight was one of the best night i ever have with you guys , despite the aircon is really cold , we have bear till 10pm.

first i wanna say a big thanks to Brother boon , he has been an awesome leader , teacher and a spiritual father. precious lesson learnt from Brother Boon like faithfulness and initiatveness, humanity and passion. You are a great man that God really uses you to impact the marketplace. under your leadership , i not just become a better drummer , but a better member in the body of Christ. every speech that you speak us , i was can feel this tangible strong presense of God in the place. WOW....

Secondly , i wanna thank God for sister Jennifer. i would say you are the most approachable leader that i can talk to and even smile to you too! the times that you speak to us as strikeforce has always been a great spiritual impact in my life. really thanks for being a great sister to me.

thirdly , i wanna say a big thanks to someone that i not too sure is she is still in strikeforce, the person is none otherthan Jenny, My "first" contact head. she more than a leader , she is also my good friend. thanks for being there for me when i need someone. i really do miss you even i didnt say so. i really hope see you again in strikeforce one day.

next i wanna say thanks to my current contact head, Tanya Goh. Yeah despite the fact we hardly have a good fellowship together but i do enjoy the travel time back home together. i reallly hope to work with you more in future. :]

and next i want to say thanks to my 3 lovely darlings:

Number 1: Jasmine Liew, i would say she is my so call first best friend i make in strikeforce. i realised we can clique together real well! thanks for guidance over certain area in my life. i love your company too! and i love you too! muacks!

Number 2: Jaslyn Er, my first friend with the same surname as me. LOLX. thanks for being availible at times to fellowship and catch up with me. i really do enjoy the times that we exchange points on scriptures and issues and cell group. i do believe one day we can emerge as cell group leader together! like wat i said to jasmine, i love you too! muacks!

number 3: who could it be? it is JULIA! our friendship rise up to another level this year! again , thanks for being an awesome sister to me. i really miss the time that we work at same region like city hall and we can go have meals together! and really miss our late night calls and fruitful conversation about the bible and spiritual stuff. :]

and next i wanna appreciate my good buddies :

Denise: you are a great company to be with. and i realise that we common in some area, especially in our character (you know what i toking abt, lolx). thanks for being a great sister.

lingling: apart from we are cell group members, i still wanna say a big thanks to you the times you taught to be more confident in performance as i have a big of stage fright and also the complicated drum beats. thank you so much! :]

shireen: yea... thanks for being great friend! and i miss your accompany!

irenaus: thanks for being a great sister. i looking forward for another movie outing with you. :]

cherish and racheal and esther : best company i ever have! hope to get to know you all more better!

special group i wanna thanks: the northeast Gang:
who are they? it is PEGGIE , REID , RALLEN and CLAIRE!

Peggie: dont be sad that i place under this category instead of the darlings category. you know , another great sister i have . you also another friend that go thru thick and thin .thanks for being a great listening ear to me and i really glad and honour to be your listening ears at times. thanks for the times you ask me to go home together. a great companion to be. thanks :]

Reid: by the time he could really read this , i dont know when. LOLX. thanks for being the great friend since Jurong west times. really miss the time we travel back together from boon lay to northeast areas. also thanks for your volunteer to send me your pictures to edit. i may not Design as good as edwin or jaslyn or kenneth, but i really appreciate your support on my talents.thanks :]

Rallen : without you around , we will not enjoy the fellowship as a gang. i may not know you that well but i hope this northeast gang will fellowship together again!

claire: thanks for being a great friend too. i hope to see you again.

and next next, guys:

darryl:my beloved ex-zone member!! yeah , thanks for being a great friend to me in strikeforce. thanks for the times you longbang me places to places! haha.

edwin: haha, surprise to see your name here? anyway , thanks for being a great brother i n Strikeforce. i always want to press on to you because i wanna absorb your design talent! haha , no la. hope to catch up with you again!

Darshanh: hmmm.... its a privilege to know you! i enjoy the times we teaching newbies the alpha sequence , i may not know you much but i do appreciate you as a friend!

Nic(holas):its great to know you as friend thru denise, i hope to work with you more in future! thanks for being a great brother!

Collin!!: yeah , thanks for being a great brother to me, catch up with you soon in MSN!

a brother: thanks for being a great brother to me. i do learn alot of things from you thru-out this year. i dont know wat to say but our friendship have went thru many test and up-and-downs. thanks for being there for me!

until here , i type until my both hands and fingers very tired!

last but not the least, to all Strikeforce member... thanks and thanks!you all are the more funkiest and zealous bunch of people! One band One sound!

and most of all, i thank the Lord Jesus christ, that brings love and peace and power to this big family of strikeforce!without You oh Lord , we never come this far as a ministry. thank you Lord! i love you!

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