Thursday, November 09, 2006

Camera madness


on the same day of fondue party, i discover Perlie has an iMac at home! exploring the whole platform as i am intern to Apple company. there's this program call "photobooth" that you can take cool snap shot from its small camera.

while waiting for jen jen to come , me and perlie decided to play around with program.
for instance, making a stupid and funny face like this:

Jen finally arrived. one thing me and jen in common is we are photo freak and i dying to own a camera! the next one looks very cool , colourful and artistic. emmm, actually i can do this effort manually , wahaha oops!

next is the naugthy twin mirror , for one moment we look like monster. look at jen's face!!! OMG.*Laughing Out Loud*

oh no !!! my hand , my hand!!!~

my face !!! i look so goofy.LOL

Pencil shading effect? i think so

wow.. this effect of picture makes me pimple-no-more!

sepia effect

the evil twin series:

seeing double? make it double trouble.

i look like as though i'm bunny-tooth, jen look toothless and what is Perlie trying to do?

Yurks, this is so scary man, the invert effects.

emm... tunnel effect.

wa~ i been dreaming for long fingers and my dream come true( then i could play classical guitar.woot~)

Jen: Help !!!!~~~

Perlie machiam seeing Kai li become a 100kg fat pretty lady.( lolx)

hahaha!!! hahaha!!! Jen become Big Brain Neutron , Perlie become Weirdy Specs and i become a Big mouth!!! hahaha!

wwahahah!!! my turn to become big brain proton , Jen sexy smooch and perlie face look like...emmm... cant think of it.LOLX.

Perlie: what's going on with my body?!?!LOLX

OMG!!! What happen to my face? My hands become my feet!!! Oh No~~~
Jen:Hey you , am i pretty??? see i got dimples~ Perlie peng on the left and i also peng on the right.(thats my leg)

ahem , i am long long long long long long long distant relative of Jackie Chan, Big-Nose Chan.

getting more wacky and bonkers

oh~ this is my dream figure~ Awww~

anyway , i aim to get a MacBook!

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