Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sorry to everyone , i not been blogging i noticed that. still , once in a while i will drop by to pen down my thoughts that unfold.

basically , this few weeks i been busy with attachment in Apple and vivo gig. daytime at work , nite time at Boon's office for practice and rest of the time is visitation and other stuff. as of today , we left TEN days to the actual performance!!!!! OMG! we are fighting against flesh and blood , we fighting against time.

i was so blessed by the words that Pastor just preached last week:

Faith is stepping out and knowing what God wants you to do , not wishing and hope for something ,it is not an emotional excitment.

Our faith appropriate His power to make things happen, how would God move with something that its of no work? work without faith is dead , faith without work is also dead, faith with work is life and power!

Pastor Kong ask the church : " why do we lift our hands during worship and prayer?"
AnswerL so we wont dig in our empty pockets and we dig God's pocket with full of His provision and anointing ....


i do agree with what pastor said.

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