Saturday, July 22, 2006

haha, been blogging lately.
i am a postcard freak, i have a collection over 800 to 900 plus postcard.( really! i count!)
i use to write card to my frens in a regular basis but nowadays i get too busy, dun hav the time to write. yesterday i went to take some free postcard from TP design school , on my way back with my sick stomach , i take a look on the cool postcards i took .
SUDDENLY , i hear someone talking me, sound like God:
"write a postcard to the one that who you find difficult to 'love' "
i answered:
"Wu nia boh?ask me to write to the one?God , You must joking ba. at times is beyond what i can do to love the person , i have lifted up the person into Your hand le leh."
He reply:
"Matthew 5:23-24, kai li"
i said:
" Awww....that verse again~"
i begin to ponder...
His words are short and sweet but powerful.agree? He say one word, we say whole dictionary of words.that's the problem with human, procrastinate more , do less.(admit it ba , my frens who is reading this post)But God is the reverse, He is doer more than a "talker" or hearer.
i think i gonna do according to what He says is right...


(Nike Tagline)

knowing what's the best for you is to show you how much i love you.
the joy of the now is running out, the infinite misery is coming,
it will run out if i didnt make right decision
He is calling out for me , i don't want to ignore Him anymore!

My lovely child , where are you?
My lovely child, Your Dad is calling out for you.
My lovely child, stop hidding like Adam.
no matter how far you are from home,
you are still within My hands of protection.

Tears shed while blogging this post
hearing His sovereign voice non-stop as i wrote
kai li ~kai li~ You are the one I called
come with a heart without condemnation.

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